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Manage Your Projects

The project management world is a crowded space, but a few companies stand out and are worthy of celebration on the first Thursday in November, aka International Project Management Day. These tools are the most recommended by audience members in my sessions, and those folks are way smarter than I am.

Trello organizes all your projects into boards, allowing both personal and shared boards. Your account lets you have as many boards as you want, and you can manage the permissions for each for everything from read-only access to full privileges. You create lists and deadlines for each board, and you can assign tasks to others.

Asana and Smartsheet are crowd favorites at my sessions. Many teams report that Asana gives small teams everything they need at no cost for up to 15 users. And although Smartsheet isn’t free, its users adore the fact that the system has templates for almost any type of project, and the layout is the familiar spreadsheet format.

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