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National Another Look 
Unlimited Day

Go Through Your Virtual Junk Drawers One More Time

During spring cleaning this year, you organized your email inbox and cleaned out all the unwanted subscriptions. But the day after Labor Day is National Another Look Unlimited Day, and it’s the perfect opportunity to sweep through your emails to see what you can delete, organize, archive and unsubscribe from. is a great way to get your subscriptions under control. You sign up via Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or your other email providers. Then sweeps through your inbox to find subscriptions. The next step is to unsubscribe or convert into a daily digest with just a few clicks. is now a part of NielsenIQ along with Slice, a package-tracking tool. They are both free services that pay for themselves by aggregating data from your purchases to sell to advertising companies, answering questions such as “does free shipping drive sales?” and “how many iPhones were sold this month.” I’ve always been fine trading some of my buying habits for these handy tools, but they’ve been in hot water for a lack of transparency in the past. The good news is you can now opt out of some of their data mining.

If makes you nervous, try a couple of paid options such as Leave Me Alone and Clean Email.

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