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We’ve assembled all the tech tools, tips and tricks into a year-long nerdfest of ways to be more healthy, happy and awesome at work and home. Get all the tips in one handy book, or browse the categories.

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National Sorry Charlie Day

Map Out a New Plan

If you’re a nerd of a certain age, you might remember StarKist Tuna’s official spokes-fish. Charlie the Tuna was always trying to be good enough to be a StarKist tuna, but the announcer would always say, “Sorry, Charlie,” which roughly translates these days to “Tough luck, bro.”

Charlie was so famous back in the day that he has his own holiday: National Sorry Charlie Day on April 6. Celebrate this day by moving on after something doesn’t go your way. To look forward, try a mind map app. Mindmup is your instant gratification mind map site with no registration required.

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