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We’ve assembled all the tech tools, tips and tricks into a year-long nerdfest of ways to be more healthy, happy and awesome at work and home. Get all the tips in one handy book, or browse the categories.

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Positive Post-It Day

Organize Your Sticky Notes

A teenage Canadian girl founded Positive Post-It Day to encourage positive messages for kids in schools to fight bullying. Although the date is a little fuzzy (October 9 or maybe Valentine’s Day or maybe February 22 or…), Positive Post-It Day is a good reminder for all of us to rescue the un-sticky sticky notes we have around our monitors and the triple-creased squares sticking out of files. When you’re ready to bring your Post-It collection digital, 3M has an app for that. The Post-It app is designed to capture your 3×3” brilliance on paper stickies, plus you can create digital ones, share them with your team, access them across devices and generally keep your life together with stickies. Need a step up? Try Stormboard for stickies in a mind map environment.

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