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Nerd365: A Year of APP -ortunties

We’ve assembled all the tech tools, tips and tricks into a year-long nerdfest of ways to be more healthy, happy and awesome at work and home. Get all the tips in one handy book, or browse the categories.

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Take a Wild Guess Day

Use an App to Measure Spaces and Objects

Celebrate Take a Wild Guess Day on April 15 by guessing how many jellybeans are in a jar at a carnival, or by calculating whether a big-screen TV will fit in the back of a Prius. Both Apple and Google created measuring tools, both named Measure. But Google killed its Measure off in 2021 because that’s what Google does sometimes.

My real estate friends love magicplan to measure room sizes and create floor plans. Instead of having to spend an hour walking from room to room with a tape measure, they scan each area to mark the corners and room features. Use magicplan to estimate your square footage or how much paint and trim you will need to renovate.

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