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World Backup Day

Back Up Your Computer and Files

The last day of March is yet another important date in the world of cybersecurity. World Backup Day on March 31 encourages you to, believe it or not, back up.

Cloud storage tools like Dropbox are great for storing documents for easy access and safekeeping in case your hard drive dies. But they’re not really designed to back up your computer. You want a tool that not only saves and syncs your file but also replicates your computer’s software innards so you can rebuild the whole machine.

The most robust backup tool has a bucket of features that overlap with cloud storage tools as well as cybersecurity safeguards. That’s probably why they call it Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office. Another backup favorite with a free version is Paragon Backup & Recovery.

Both Mac and Windows platforms come with built-in backup systems that you just need to enable. I use Time Machine on my Mac with an external hard drive. And you can enable Backup and Restore in settings on Windows machines to automatically keep copies of your system in case the worst happens.

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