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World Password Day

Upgrade Your Passwords

The first Thursday in May is World Password Day. One of the most common online security mistakes we make, besides picking passwords that are too easy, is using the same password for multiple sites.

The bad guys know this, and when they hack into a site, they get our username/password combos and try them on other sites and eventually get to some pretty valuable information.

It’s time to truly take charge of your password and Internet security issues password managers with sites such as 1Password, Dashlane and Keeper. I use LastPass, mainly because it’s the one I started with. And I love that I can share passwords with staffers and contractors without letting them see the actual login info. Bitwarden offers the free features that LastPass used to.

Quick note: It does you no good to use a password manager but still reuse passwords. Create a unique, unguessable password for every. single. site.

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