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Nerd365: A Year of APP -ortunties

We’ve assembled all the tech tools, tips and tricks into a year-long nerdfest of ways to be more healthy, happy and awesome at work and home. Get all the tips in one handy book, or browse the categories.

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Administrative Professional Day

Find an Extra Set of Hands

Admins around the globe keep the world spinning, and Administrative Professionals Day is the day to sing their praises (ok, you should be thanking them all day, every day, but especially at the end of April). We could all use a little more support, and you have outsourcing options galore in today’s tech-connected world. My …

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National Flash Drive Day

Organize Your Random Notes and Research

Organizing your notes, research, random lists and important images into a cloud-based service is not exactly the best way to celebrate National Flash Drive Day on April 5. But it’s an excellent step toward keeping your essential information at your fingertips. Microsoft OneNote, Google Keep, Apple Notes, Evernote… zzzzzz. They’re all excellent options with (very) …

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Single Tasking Day

Pick Just One Task

In our multitasking world, Single Tasking Day (February 22) asks us to stop trying to do everything and instead get one dang thing done and off the list. Try the Plan tool for an easy time-blocking task manager that revamps your calendar so you can actually get things done.