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Nerd365: A Year of APP -ortunties

We’ve assembled all the tech tools, tips and tricks into a year-long nerdfest of ways to be more healthy, happy and awesome at work and home. Get all the tips in one handy book, or browse the categories.

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time management

National Day of Unplugging

Put Your Phone Away

The first Friday of March is an observance this nerd finds almost impossible to celebrate: National Day of Unplugging. You can take the pledge to unplug your devices for 24 hours and even get your own smartphone “napsack.” Another cool activity the organizers promote is a scavenger hunt in August with your local Little Free …

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National Time Management Month

Take Back Your Time

Since February is National Time Management Month, it’s time to dive into the Pomodoro Technique with a side of Time Boxing. Hands down The Pomodoro Technique® is the very best tool in my focus toolbox. The technique was created by an Italian guy named Francesco Cirillo with a tomato-shaped kitchen timer (“pomodoro” is Italian for …

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